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Who we are

Pastry shop Delizia was founded in Bolognetta (PA) in 1985 by Giuseppe Lo Faso and his wife Rosalba. Giuseppe, after years spent in some of the best hotels in prestigious tourist destinations, returned to his small town and took a chance on what was, at the time, a risky step. Bringing high confectionery to a village of farmers. Over the years, La Delizia has become known for the quality of its raw materials and the techniques used.

Today, alongside Giuseppe and Rosalba, there are their children, Luana and Mauro.


Before becoming production manager, Mauro undertook a course of studies between Cast Alimenti, the Selmi training centre in Alba and Massari's Veneto pastry shop.

Today Mauro is a team owner in the culinary team in Palermo with which he has won 19 national and international titles.


Pastry Shop Delizia has been producing panettoni ì for over 20 years, refining year after year what is now a very successful recipe. Delizia is an institution of true artisanal panettone, which is accompanied by colomba during the Easter period, having been among the very first to bring the supreme leavened product to Sicily. Today, Panettone Delizia has cleared customs, with a shipping department throughout Europe and discreet sales in Moscow, Russia.

34 pasticceria DELIZIA Giuseppe e  Mauro

DELIGHT pastry shop

Bolognetta (PA)

Head pastry chef:


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