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Become a seller


To sell your products, you must meet the following requirements:   

  • be an artisan producer

  • only leavened products where only mother yeast is used are accepted,

  • products containing mono- and di-glycerides, preservatives in general, colourings or synthetic flavourings that are not natural are not accepted.


The advantages of selling on :  

  • you will have an online store open 7 days a week - 24 hours a day;

  • visibility of your products on our site and on our social channels;

  • you can increase your sales in Italy and abroad;

  • you have no limit on the quantity of products that will be loaded;

  • you do not have to think about anything, we will notify you every time you receive an order and we will also take care of the shipment;

  • we manage the promotion / communication with press, social and web;

  • you can sell every month of the year because we have an event dedicated to the colomba, one the salty panettone and one / two dedicated to the summer panettone;

  • in addition to leavened products, you can also add your other products as long as they meet the artisan requirements.


Commissions applied on sales made :  

  • 25% VAT Included: reporting commission applied on sale.


Subscription :

  • 30 Euro per month (+ VAT) applied for 12 months.


Payments :  

The payment inherent to the panettoni sold will be paid to the producer at the end of each month (when a minimum amount of 100 Euro is reached. If the amount is lower, it will be added to the sales of the following months).


If you want to join our e-commerce you can send us an email to : and you will be contacted by our staff as soon as possible.

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Download the contract to sell your products:

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